كي پد K32LX
كي پد K32LX
كي پد K32LX كي پد K32LX
برند: پارادوكس Paradox پارادوكس Paradox
مدل کالا: K32LX
·  Built-in transceiver (433 or 868 MHz)
·  32-character, blue LCD with programmable labels
·  StayD with status LED
·  Real-time zone alarm display
·  In-field firmware upgradable via 307USB and WinLoad
·  1 keypad zone input
·  1 PGM output (follows arm status)
·  8 one-touch action buttons
·  3 keypad-activated panic alarms
·  Adjustable backlight, contrast, and scroll speed
·  Independently set chime zones
·  Connects to 4-wire expansion bus
·  1 K32LX per SP system
·  Supports K32RF and K37 keypads
·  Compatible with SP5500/SP6000/SP7000 version 4.72 and higher
·  Compatible with SP4000/SP65 version 4.90 and higher (1 way communication only)
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